Letter to Tolle/VMI Customers

May 1, 1996

Dear previous VMI/Tolle customers:

Magna Tech, an innovative manufacturer of Towing Accessories & Parts, would like to announce we have elected to produce the Tolle towing accessory product line. To start the production of these products, Magna Tech hired many of the veteran Tolle employees who have over twenty years experience in manufacturing accessories. This will allow Magna Tech to remain the leader in accessory manufacturing, producing quality products with the original design that Ken Caldwell & Russell Tolle believed in many years ago.

Due to this expansion, Magna Tech is now in the process of manufacturing Tolle Products in our new plant in the Chanute Industrial Park near the original Tolle Manufacturing site located in Kansas. Items that are manufactured at the Chanute Plant are:

  • Bumpers
  • Contract Manufacturing (for the OEM)
  • Chain Assemblies
  • Dollies (Self Loading & Regular)
  • Tow Slings (Tolle Belts)
  • Tow Bars (Medium & Heavy Duty)
  • Wheelifts

Magna Tech will continue to build our existing towing product line for the OEM.'s  (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Distributors, and Customers with the latest in manufacturing technology. The addition of Tolle will give our customers the best of both worlds in towing.
If you would like to know more about the Magna Tech or Tolle products, please feel free to visit our web site on the internet at www.magnatechinc.com  or call Magna Tech Products : (800) 477-0480, Tolle Products (800) 365-3999 or
e-mail me at dgorr@magnatechinc.com for a free information kit.

David G. Orr

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