MAGNA TECH puts Brooklyn, Iowa facility and land up for Sale

August 12, 1997

In the summer of 1996 Magna Tech Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of towing accessories, purchased its major competitor, Tolle Products of Chanute, Kansas, and moved its entire operation there. The transition to Chanute has seen growth for Magna Tech both in terms of its product offerings and its facilities. Having completed the transition to the Tolle building in the Chanute Safari Industrial Park, Magna Tech no longer requires its facility in Brooklyn, Iowa and is now offering it for sale.

Located at 700 - 704  East Pleasant Street in the city of Brooklyn, the Iowa facility consists of two recently constructed and modern buildings and a parcel of land across the street.

1)  Arranged in an L-shaped pattern, the plant encompasses 12,400 square feet and was designed from the outset to be an efficient and clean manufacturing facility. It has 240 volt 3-phase power, a 13 ft. x 19 ft. break area with kitchenette, and restrooms for men and women. Two dock doors and one drive thru door provide access to the building for deliveries and pick-ups, a 30' x 30'  walk-in insulated room could serve as freezer space or storage.

2)  Located next door to the plant, the 2,400 square-foot office building is a spacious, modern and efficient building designed to be the nerve-center of Magna Tech's operations. There is a full kitchenette which serves as an employee break area; a showroom with garage-style doors for easy loading and unloading of products; and a comfortable conference room. In addition, the office has full natural gas hook-ups (and water and electricity, of course).

Designed from the ground-up for the requirements of the digital age, the office was built with twisted-pair and coax Ethernet cable running throughout the structure. This affords for a quick and reliable transition of an existing computer network into the new building. Duct work for computer and telephone lines runs between the plant and office, adding additional flexibility and ease in upgrading the buildings to meet one's specific needs.

As an office space, the building has functioned extremely well; but we also designed it to be smart and attractive, as well as flexible. We think the building could easily be transformed into a spacious house for a family of one or many.

When Magna Tech occupied the facility we employed eighteen people in the plant and four in the office. Because of the facility's 'homey' atmosphere, its ideal application would be as a light or medium manufacturing center and as an assembly or central warehousing center.

3)  Across the street at 701-705 East Pleasant Street are eight lots totaling one city block or 248 ft. x 264 ft. It is ready for construction and does not require any excavation for building.

Some other considerations about these buildings and land: the city of Brooklyn is situated in central Iowa, off of Interstate 80. Major cities include Des Moines and Iowa City, each roughly one hour from Brooklyn by car. The interstate is a main artery running through the state and the region, linking Iowa and Brooklyn to both coasts of the continental United States (and points in the middle). The town itself is typical of ones in Iowa---it's small, quiet but vibrant, and progressive in its outlook. Local city and state governments are generally supportive of new companies and the re-location or expansion of established ones.

Of course, we can't speak for others, but we can speak from our own experience: Brooklyn and our facility there served us well, and we are sure it can fit into the plans of anyone who needs modern, well-designed and functional manufacturing and office buildings, centrally located in the mid-West. Moreover, we would be willing to sell the land at 701-705 E. Pleasant separate from the two buildings across the street. (This Land was Sold 1999).

Our terms are flexible and reasonable, and we would be happy to discuss the matter with any interested party.

For further information please contact David G. Orr at Magna Tech Inc., 4331 South Johnson Road, Chanute, Kansas 66720.
Phone: (620) 431-3490


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