MAGNA TECH, INC., manufactures "The Next Generation" of Towing and RV accessories, as well as provide a variety of Contract Manufacturing services. We are currently updating our product catalog, so check back soon to view all our products.

Magna Tech Towing Accessories

MAGNA TECH, INC., manufactures "The Next Generation" of Towing Accessories.

Featuring Bumpers, Cable Belts, CamLOCK, CamLOCK Parts, Chain Assemblies, Chain Accessories, Dollies, Dolly Parts, Replacement Accessories, Tool Boxes, Tow Bars, Tow Bar Parts, Tow Slings, Tow Sling Parts, Trailers, Truck Beds, Wheel-lift Parts, and more.

Big Creek RV Accessories

Big Creek RV Accessories are manufactured by MAGNA TECH, INC. We manufacture the following products:

Easy to use, easy to install....Our RV CamLOCKs are a unique Cam-Action locking system. They can be used in place of most manual or jack stand locking devices.

Contract Manufacturing

MAGNA TECH, INC., provides a variety of contract manufacturing services. The Sherman & Reilly Rapid Fiber Deployment Truck (RFDT) is one of our most recent projects. Manufactured in our plant, the RFDT is the ultimate fiber optic placing system.

Compact and self-sufficient, it loads, transports, and places fiber optics in a very efficient, rapid manner. (View Photo Album)