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NEWS FLASH: December 1st, 2006
MAGNA TECH got hit with 16" of snow and we are CLOSED today due to weather. We had 6' drifts in front of our door. This is a record Snow Storm for this time of year! (View pics)

Awardee Responds - July 14, 2001

David G. Orr, President of Magna Tech, Inc., responds to receiving the 2001 Chanute Business of the Year.

MAGNA TECH, Inc receives Chanute 2001 Business of the Year - July 10, 2001

David Orr hit the nail right on the head. He was called to the microphone Wednesday at a luncheon hosted by the Chanute Area Chamber of Commerce to receive the plaque recognizing Magna Tech as the Chamber's Business of the Year.

MAGNA TECH, Inc puts Brooklyn, Iowa facility and land for Sale - August 12, 1997

In the summer of 1996 Magna Tech Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of towing accessories, purchased its major competitor, Tolle Products of Chanute, Kansas, and moved its entire operation there. The transition to Chanute has seen growth for Magna Tech both in terms of its product offerings and its facilities. Having completed the transition to the Tolle building in the Chanute Safari Industrial Park, Magna Tech no longer requires its facility in Brooklyn, Iowa and is now offering it for sale.

MAGNA TECH, Inc. Expands - June 11, 1996

Magna Tech, Inc. of Brooklyn and Victor, Iowa, the world's largest producer of towing accessories, will manufacture both TOLLE and MAGNA TECH products in Chanute, Kansas. On May 11th, 1996, Mr. Orr purchased the Tolle product name and all of its patents, trademarks, and copyrights from the now defunct VMI Industries. Magna Tech will hire many of the former Tolle employees to produce the Tolle product to its original high standard.

Iowa Company Adds V.P. to Chanute Plant - June 1, 1996

Magna Tech, Inc. of Brooklyn, Iowa, has selected David J. Bass as its Vice President of Manufacturing for its new plant at 3800 Ross Lane, Chanute, Kansas. Mr. Bass will assist in managing Magna Tech, Inc., "The World's largest producer of Towing Accessories."

Letter to Tolle/VMI Customers - May 1, 1996

Magna Tech announces its decision to manufacture the Tolle Towing Accessories product line.

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